Trailers from stagework

short films



some music

made by Tom Kvém

The Sneeze / Homemade film/ music/sound/  in the kitschen duiring isolation. Spring, summer 2020

Backgroundfilm made for ´The Stick` 2017

Backgroundfilm made for INTO MY HAT

A curiosity into the worlds. 2016.

Backgroundfilm/ Stage, 3d Floor, Gothenburg, made for ´The Stick` 2017

Backgroundfilm made for ´The Stick`

a story with many age-perspectives.2017

Backgroundfilm made for Into my hat


Background/ sceno for INTO MY HAT 2016

Sound/ music/ pics from INTO THE WHITE 2019

Marketing  advertising for ´The Stick` 2017´

Marketing  advertising for `The Stick` 2017

Music and pics from INTO THE WHITE 2019. ( stagerehearsel)

Background/ sceno for ´The Stick` 2017

Background/ sceno, film for INTO MY HAT 2016

Deskwork for Into the white 2019/20. Paperwork filmed for projections/ background/ or stageset. Music/ sound/ puppets/ bears made by Tom Kvém

From INTO MY HAT 2015/16

Filmbackground synced with live action/ movement infront of screen/ wall.

Looks ok in your iPad, smartphone.

A Getaway 2017. ( a fireplace)

An installationwork with computermade fire for projections.

And melting textilecostumes.

In the earphones you listen to music synced with a nude body projekted in a tent up in the air. Here I give you the fire. The work is a preparation for coming; Into the white 19/20 but can also stay as an installationwork. An isolated body exposed to weather and environment. ( The film looks ok in your smartphone, iPad,iPhone. Use it instead of a real fire..,)